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He put his arm around her waist. She was paralysed from the waist down in the area below her waist. The workmen were stripped to the waist wearing no clothes on the top half of their bodies. Homophones waist waste waist waste.
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up to the knees waist. bis zu den Knien zur Hüfte. to be bare to the waist. einen nackten Oberkörper haben. her hair fell to her waist. ihr Haar reichte ihr bis zur Taille. the dress has a low waist.
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In some situations, a waist measurement is not a helpful indication of good health. For example, if you are pregnant or if you have a medical condition that causes your abdomen to appear distended full or bloated, then waist measurement may be outside of the healthy parameters even if you are in good health.
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Waist measurement edit. The waist is usually measured at the smallest circumference of the natural waist, usually just above the belly button. 2 Where the waist is convex rather than concave, as in pregnancy and obesity, the waist may be measured at a vertical level 1inch above the navel.
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Why your waist size matters. Measuring your waist can help reduce your risk of heart and circulatory diseases, as Professor Naveed Sattar tells Senior Cardiac Nurse Emily McGrath. Why does your waist measurement matter? Waist circumference is a good measure of fat around your middle.
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Your waist size is not usually the same as your jean size. Because of our jean size, we sometimes think our waist measurement is lower than it actually is. Find the top of your hip bone and the bottom of your ribcage.
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waist -deep Adj. waist -high Adj. waist -high Adj. bis zur Taille reichend. to grasp so. round the waist. To waist, to shoulder, overhead. Zum Bauch, auf die Schulter, über Kopf - Ruderkommando. Orthographisch ähnliche Wörter. await, twist, wait, Wait, Waste, waste, whist, wrist.
Waist Trainer Before and After Results Do Waist Trainers Work?
My waist started shrinking in inches and I noticed I was having better posture in my back. I also found that my lower stomach had less of a sag." Read her entire interview to find out how she achieved her results, her waist training, diet and fitness recommendations and how she feels since beginning her waist training jouney. WEARING THE CLASICA 3 HOOK WAIST TRAINER. Get maximum strength waist slimming in this classic black latex waist trainer from one of our favorite brands, Ann Chery. You will instantly reduce 1-3 inches from your waistline, and you can also use this garment in your everyday waist training regimen. SHOP HER SOLUTION. Ana is a U.S. Army soldier who knows a thing or two about how to get in shape. But after pregnancy, she found that slimming down had become a bigger obstacle, so she turned to waist training: I was having difficulty getting my body back. Im still working on it, and this waist trainer has helped me become more confident while helping me reach my goal.

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